The Mummy Tummy Lift Mask by Goodbye Wrinkles works as both a preventative and rejuvenative at-home treatment.


These unique masks by Goodbye Wrinkles are clinically proven, and recommended by doctors, so you know that your customers are purchasing an effective, results-driven at-home treatment which helps to improve in-salon treatment effectiveness. 

Your customer can use and re-use this advanced silicone technology mask up to 15-30 times, making it an affordable at-home treatment option.

Advanced silicone technology has been utilised by the medical profession for decades to aid in the healing of burns patients, and post surgical scarring - and now Goodbye Wrinkles have harnessed the power of silicone to assist with the prevention of stretchmarks, and to help fade them post-partum.

The unique, scientifically proven ability of silicone to trigger the body's healing sysem, is one of the safest and most commonly sought after treatments for stretch marks in the world today!

Goodbye Wrinkles silicone masks are custom designed - so that they give the user maximum coverage and sleep comfort.

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